Have green card, but no health plan

Is there a way for 80-year-old Indian citizens who are U.S. green card holders to get health insurance under the Affordable Care Act?

Here To Stay

Dear Here To Stay,

Yes, there is.  It’s a matter of which plan you qualify for. 

If you did not pay any Medicare taxes during your working career, then you do not qualify for Medicare.  If you did pay those taxes, then you should apply for Medicare.  Aside from Medicare, you might qualify for subsidized coverage from your state’s exchange or for Medicaid.  It depends what state you live in and your income.  Go to Healthcare.gov and follow the prompts to set up an account, select your state, etc.  This will tell you what your options are.

Keep in mind — you can only enroll during open enrollment season or if you have some sort of life change (get married, divorced, etc.)  If want health insurance for 2015, you need to act quickly.

Linda Riddell

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